Thursday, November 20, 2008

BeautiControl Make up Product Offer

Posted by mama syafiq at 7:20 PM
A Beautiful You in 9 steps~

Step 1: Secret Agent Coverage Concealer

Fungsi: Menutup jerawat

Retail RM32
Offer! RM22

Step 2: Secret Agent Undercover Makeup

Fungsi: A Foundation

Retail RM45
Offer! RM31

Step 3: Blush

Retail RM48
Offer! RM34

Step 4:Eye Defining Pencil

Retail RM24
Offer! RM18

Step 5:Eye Shadow Duo 8g

Retail RM56
Offer! RM39

Step 6:SpectacularLash Mascara

Retail RM35
Offer! RM24

Step 7:Lip Color 4g

Retail RM32
Offer! RM22

Step 8:Lip Gloss 7.5g

Retail RM28
Offer! RM20

Step 9:Skinlogics Lash and Lid Bath

Retail RM34

Offer! RM24

* With any item of Beauticontrol worth RM50 above that you buy, you can get a Scrub & Feminime Wash Travel Pack for just RM5.90. OFFER while stock last.



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