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A Life Time of Beautiful Skin

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Nutri-Rich Oil, 60ml

**Nutri-Rich Oil contains the natural key ingredients of Apricot Kernel Oil & Vitamin E
The oil of more than 100 apricots in every 600ml jar

30+ Ways to use Nutri-Rich Oil

As night crème, especially good for dry skin types

Cuticle cream. Vitamin E promotes strong growth in fingernails

Aids in healing dermatitis, psoriases and eczema

Great moisturizer for heels and treats and prevents tinea

Used for dry, cracked hands, knees and elbows

For babies, heals and prevents cradle cap and nappy rash

Protects chin and cheek rash in babies and children

Aids in preventing stretch marks in pregnancy

Used for dry and cracked nipples when breast-feeding

Heals blisters and sunburn

Moisturises dry, cracked lips, and as a non-petroleum lip gloss

Heals cold-sores and chicken pox scars

Used as an eye cream for under the eyes preventing make-up going into wrinkles

Heals burns at dry stage, heals grazes and heat rash

Helps prevent windburn

Used for quick healing after body piercing

As a hot-oil treatment for hair/scalp, especially good for split ends and dandruff

Used as styling gel or hair wax

As a bath oil and massage oil

Soothes shaving rash for both men and women

Reduces waxing redness and shapes eyebrows

Soothes the symptoms of thrush

Please contact me for a free sample or to place an order of Nutri-Rich Oil
(available in 60mL jars)

New Leaflet 16 Jan -11 Feb 2012

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