Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Modular Crisper with Grid@only RM13**

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Get Modular Krisper with Grid at Only!! RM13

with every purchase Tupperware product RM130

Cat 3~LOVE:11 Feb-30 Mac 2013

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Hostess Special
with sales RM680
get B2B Slice N Stor(3) 1.7L
RM53.80 (Retail RM89.70) 

Surprise with small tokens of appreciation
Heart Shape Kecyhain(1)
RM2.50 Nett with every purchase RM250 

Level Gift
Buddy Box(1) 5.0kg
Jumbo Keep and Carry(1) 10.0kg

Purplelicious Lunch Set
RM49.10 (Retail RM57.80)
Exclusive Portable Cutlery Set
Only!! RM13.90(Retail RM32.80)

Lime Dreams Melamine Bowl(1)470ml
Only RM9.90 nett with every purchase of 
Tupperware product worth RM300

Preludio Pitcher(1) 1.7L
RM38.20 (Retail RM47.70)

Buy 4 Get 1 piece FREE!!
Lolli Plates(5)
RM48 (Retail RM60)

Small Goody with Cariolier
RM61.40 (Retail RM76.80)

Salt N Spice(4) + Rack(1)
RM65.20 + RM9.90

Water Day Set
- Eco Bottle with flip top cap(2) 1L
- Eco Bottle(2) 500ml

+ FREE!!
Baby Candy Eco Bottle(1) 500ml (worth RM16.20)
Little Sunshine Square Eco Bottle(1) 500ml (worth RM16.20)

Pakej Keahlian + Set Kesihatan ~ RM280

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Pakej Keahlian dan Set Kesihatan at only RM280

Set mengandungi/Set comprises of:

- Lacto Fiber
- Berry Gen
- Mini Quick Shaker
- Kitbag
- B2B Purplelicious Saver
@ only
RM280 (Pakej worth RM441.40)    

Pakej Keahlian Baru~RM280

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Dapatkan Pakej Keahlian Baru dengan hanya RM280 (worth RM433.90)

Set diatas mengandungi/Set Comprises with:
- Eco Bottle 1L(1) Lime
- Eco Bottle 500ml(2) Pink & Yellow
- Fridge Water Bottle(1) 2L
- One Touch Topper Junior(1) 600ml
- One Touch Topper Small(1) 950ml
- Modular Mates Stater Set-Chilli
- Square Round(4) 550ml
- Freezermate Small II(2)
- Freezermate Medium II(1)
- Dish Wash Concentre
- Starter Kit Bag
- B2B Purplelicious Saver

Now!! RM280

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